Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Alphabetical Legacy of Sorts

At the very least I've left behind a body of work that includes artwork on Comic Book titles for nearly every letter of the alphabet -
A (Avengers),
B (Bloodwulf, Backstreet Boys Project),
C (Captain America, Cable),
D (Deadpool, Doom 2099),
E (Electra, Excalibur)
F (Fantastic Four),
G (Gambit, G.I. Joe)
H (Hulk),
I (Iron's Fist and Man),
J (Jet Pack Pets),
L (Last Planet/Hero Standing),
M (Mr. Mxylptlk),
N (Nomad),
P (Punisher) R (Ravage 2099),
S (SK8, Sleepwalker, StarTrek/XMen)
T (Thor),
U (Uncanny X-Men - cheating?)
V (Venom),
W (Warlock, Webspinners, What-If, Wolverine)
X (X's Factor, Force, Man, Men 2099)

leaving only 5 letters unacounted for - K, O, Q, Y, Z. Guess I'd better make tracks for Youngblood, Ka-Zar, The Outsiders, Quasar and ... anything with a Z out there? Anybody?


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