Friday, January 01, 2010


Well... here we are in 2010. As a child, this was as far as I could imagine ahead in time, it was to an age where I would be older than I could contemplate, older than my dad. I find it unnerving that I couldn't imagine any further than this day.

I really fell for the future as a concept. I expected to be wearing my plastic Devo clothes and tooling around in my spaceship. I guess I have to settle for the near-elimination of Courteroy as a clothing fabric.

As far as the new year goes -I haven't the energy to wish for anything anymore, I know enough by now that the future holds it's cards tight to it's vest, so I just hope my meager skills will be enough to make it through another year. 10 years ago to this day, I left New York with Jesse, with our simple possessions and a clear assumption of an exciting future, and it was a brutal, bizarre and frequently heartbreaking world that I stepped into. I still can't really get over what the last 10 years have demanded of me, and I hope i can catch up to where I am soon. The constant insecurity of the present is getting to me.

So - off we go into another one.
Good luck everyone.


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