Monday, November 30, 2009

some favorite pages from issue 5-

As I wait for the online preview pages for issue 6, I'll throw up some pages I liked from issue 5- I think these turned out pretty well.

I like how page 5 turned out.

Originally I had a different layout - the page had a ton of dialogue in it, all great, so I wanted to open up the page a bit to allow for the words...

I like Nightcrawler. He's a great character to draw.

She kicks Colossus through a tree. Haw.

The big introduction of two of my favorite visual creations - Drowning Sahdow and Sleeping Mist. I like all the smoke and mist swirling about her. I used that swirl-design on SK8, but upped the ante a bit. I think swirls are great!

How the heck is Ororo gonna get out of this one?!!

Probably the real life inspiration behind putting NORAD inside a mountain, instead of on a floating battleship.


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