Saturday, November 22, 2008

No stalgia for me please.

A photo that Glenn Greenberg found and uploaded to facebook of the Marvel Band. At the point where this photo was taken, the band was called Corporate Ax, since many of the members of the band had been given their walking papers in the various Marvelcutions of the mid-90's. This picture was taken around 12 years ago, before I shaved my head and dyed my hair all sorts of different colors to round out the 90's. I shaved out the last remaining color when I drove across the south to get to my new job with the Stan Lee Media dot com. John Conroy, shown playing bass here would join me and Ken Pierce in the last band i was in, the Ramones cover band (we could never agree on the name - the name I remember most was the Blitzcretins). Burn it all down.


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