Saturday, May 24, 2008

more reprints!

I hadn't realized it, but I've been alerted to two toher reprints of Koblishian goodness coming your way -

The reprint, in digest form, of the two issues of Marvel Adventures Iron Man are coming out 8/27- a week after the first issue of Legion of 3 Worlds and the Brave and Bold vol. 2 Book comes out.

and out right now apparently is the first volume of Cable "Classic", containing my first shot at pencilling something for Marvel. One page, over Rob Liefeld's layouts, inked with gusto and excellence by Al 'I'll save you" Milgrom. i got the job simply because I was in the office and it had to be done overnight. I got paid $35 for it- (My rate of $60 per page pencils minus $25 for Rob's layout fee) and 5 months later my first royalty payment for that one page arrived- $500. 4 Months later Marvel took back $180. That's how it worked back then. Marvel would giveth and then taketh away and they don't do it that way now. Maybe I'll get a few pennies of my $180 back now. Ah the ebb and flow of publishing.


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