Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Comic Books and the Soaps!

For the last 20 years I've been hearing about the similarities between Comic Books and Soap Operas. Both serve niche markets. Both have continuing narratives that never end. Both have breakout hits - Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man, Ugly Betty, Dallas, 90210 that seem to interface with the mainstream.

I was thinking that a corollary to this that no one has ever mentioned to me - it's just as hard to get someone to read a comic that you like as it is to get someone to watch a soap opera that you like. It's virtually impossible - foist a copy of Spider-Man on somebody and you'll likely get the same reactions as if you tried to get them to watch a week of All My Children. "I can't follow what's going on", "who are all these people", "how do I read/watch this?", "where do I start?"

Well. anyway.

I've been really busy. Finishing up with American Dream. Exciting news is that it's sold out at the local comic book stores.

Work continues apace with Legion of 3 Worlds- George and Geoff are putting their best feet forward - if you're in the tiniest bit a Legion fan there will be no page that won't be sticky with your fancream. Everybody's there in the first issue. Everybody.

A nice review of Marvel Adventures Iron Man #12 is out there floating in the internet sea. Somebody throw it a line.


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