Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm telling you - it's a madness-

"The Adventures of McGee and Me",
An episode of Amazing Stories: "The Mission",
"Anyone Can Win" - (with actual Cartoonist, Al Capp),
"Mission Hill",
an Episode of "The Profiler",
can't forget a plotline in teh past season of "Dexter", where Tone Rodriguez murders a cartoonist.
An episode of "Smallville",
"Blood and Chocolate",
the upcoming "Cancer Vixen",
"Defining Edward",
"Don't Tell Her it's Me", Not technically on topic, but from the earliest days of cartooning, before there were even plots forheavens sake -"Edison Drawn by 'World' Artist",
"Funny About Love",
"Heavy Traffic",
"The Hecklers",
"Herman the Catoonist",
"Hum Tum",
"I Want To Go Home",
"Jeu De Massacre",
"Killing time",
Not the protagonist in this one, but funny that he's a drunk -"Marry The Girl"


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