Sunday, March 23, 2008

all in one frightening place-

"The Hand"
"Cool World"
"Comic Book Kids"
"One More Summer"
"How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way".
"American Splendor"
"The Girl Next Door"
"The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys"
"Son of the Mask"
"Cellar Dweller"
"Freddy Got Fingered"
Bob Hope in "That Certain Feeling"
"I Want to Go Home"
"The People Next Door"
"Three Men and a Baby"
"Don't Tell her It's Me"
"Better off Dead" (some sort of incidental character there, not the main one?)
"Second Hand Lions"
"Breathing Room"
"The Adventures of McGee and Me",
An episode of Amazing Stories: "The Mission",
"Anyone Can Win" - (with actual Cartoonist, Al Capp),
"Mission Hill",
an Episode of "The Profiler",
can't forget a plotline in teh past season of "Dexter", where Tone Rodriguez murders a cartoonist.
An episode of "Smallville",
"Blood and Chocolate",
the upcoming "Cancer Vixen",
"Defining Edward",
"Don't Tell Her it's Me", Not technically on topic, but from the earliest days of movies, before there were even plots forheavens sake -"Edison Drawn by 'World' Artist"
"Funny About Love"
"Heavy Traffic"
"The Hecklers"
"Herman the Catoonist"
"Hum Tum"
""I Want To Go Home
"Jeu De Massacre"
"Killing time"
Not the protagonist in this one, but funny that he's a drunk -"Marry The Girl"
"Mr and Mrs. 55"
"My Teacher's Wife"
From 1909 - "The Politician's Love Story" - I love the plot -"A corrupt politician, on seeing a satirical cartoon in a newspaper, rushes to the paper's offices to shoot the cartoonist. On discovering the cartoonist is a pretty woman, he falls instantly in love and wastes no time in wooing her."
"Rub Love" The old "Cartoonist falls for Assassin" trick.
"the Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein"
Dead Cartoonist Comes back from grave to dish out the lovin' in "The Spirit is Willie"
"Tim Warner: a life in the Clouds"
Jack Lemmon in "The War Between Men and Women"
"The Wedding Tackle"

the tevee shows "Bob"
"Too close for Comfort"
"Caroline in the City"
"My World and Welcome To it"
"the Duck Factory"

and I know that "The Cell", the book by Stephen King's got one in there -


At 2:53 PM , Anonymous Dana said...


At 3:24 PM , Anonymous Mike said...

Hey, some of the earliest animation was Windsor McKay drawing out and interacting with "Gertie the Dinosaur." Cartoonists were portrayed at the dawn of the film.

At 2:31 PM , Blogger Jordan said...

Ha -- I see you included my obscure short film "Tim Warner: A Life in the Clouds." Thanks! I am honored. It's actually a movie cruelly making fun of terrible comic artists who hate their lives.

-Jordan (director, etc)


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