Friday, September 17, 2010

Army, Air Force Exchange Service!

I'm currently daydreaming about Thor and Valkyrie beating up trolls. A good day.

I pencilled and inked an issue for Marvel and the Army Air Force Exchange Service recently. I think it's already come out at AAF exchanges around the world. Here are some fun pics from the book.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DCU Legaceis #5 sold out!

Swinging by one of my Local Comic-book Shoppes, looking for reference on trolls, and I found out that Legacies #5 sold out in les than a day.. Hope you all got a copy who wanted one!

Updated October News -
October 13th -Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7 - with my pencils and inks. It's a fun one with Iron Man and the Black Widow.
October 20th - The softbound edition of Legion of Three Worlds is released, as well as my inking contributions to Legion of Super- Heroes #6, and DCU Leagcies #6.

November News - I'll be pencilling and inking Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes #8. Look for it in shops mid-November, just in time for Turkey Day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Legacies #5 Comes out next Wednesday-

I've inked issue 5 of DCU Legacies, which comes out next week. This is a very interesting project, with art from people who have influenced DC from it's inception through today. I feel honored to have been able to lend a hand to something where some of my personal heroes, influences, peers and (in one case) teacher have poured their efforts into a great series. This issue covers the time period leading up to and including Crisis on infinite Earths. Here are some Previews of the work. It's always a pleasure to ink over George-

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

General October News-

News regarding my output in October will feature the release of Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes #7! It's a fun all ages story featuring Iron Man and the Black Widow, with a guest appearance of Prince Namor, King of the Deep! I've pencilled and inked it, It's got a great script by the fabulous Paul Tobin! When it gets closer, I'll post preview pages here.

Also in October, I'll be inking the back-up section of Legion of Super-Heroes #6, which will feature pencils by an old friend of mine - Phil Jimenez! Good times had by all. Boy, I want to pencil and ink that book so badly! I loves me some Legion.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Comic Book Resources spotlighted a cover I drew for the Hero Initiative

Over at Comic Book Resources, they spotlighted (spotlit?) the Hero Initiative's New Avengers Covers Project. They've got a nice jpg of my contribution. There are some GREAT contributions from various incredibly talented artists here. Always a pleasure to help out wherever I can - Hero is a great non-profit dedicated to helping older comic book artists in an hour of need. Help them out with a small donation if you can, they have a little paypal link on their site, so it's painless to help out with a few dollars here and there. Every little bit counts, and it's tax deductible.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Original Art for Sale-

Hi everybody!

After a bit of a wait, I'm happy to announce that my original art is for sale- at The Artists' Choice

There's a lot of stuff there, dating back through the early 90's- all at pretty reasonable prices. Peruse!