Thursday, September 16, 2010

DCU Legaceis #5 sold out!

Swinging by one of my Local Comic-book Shoppes, looking for reference on trolls, and I found out that Legacies #5 sold out in les than a day.. Hope you all got a copy who wanted one!

Updated October News -
October 13th -Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7 - with my pencils and inks. It's a fun one with Iron Man and the Black Widow.
October 20th - The softbound edition of Legion of Three Worlds is released, as well as my inking contributions to Legion of Super- Heroes #6, and DCU Leagcies #6.

November News - I'll be pencilling and inking Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes #8. Look for it in shops mid-November, just in time for Turkey Day.


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