Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from the Con-

The Con was fun - I got to meet a few Legion fans and do some sketches for the Hero Initiative Charity.

FC:Lo3W's #5 came out, excellent read, great colors, awesome all around; i was very proud to have worked on that book. I noticed a few characters didn't make it "onscreen" in the big double-paged spread, so I thought I'd post them here, a little snippet from a larger tiff I used to keep everyone straight for myself.


At 7:06 AM , Blogger Greybird said...

One of the best-placed word balloons in comics history, by my lights. {rueful smile}

Don't get me wrong, I loved your work on Lo3W (and that of George Pérez, and others on the periphery like cover colorist Nei Ruffino). Your talents complimented those of George in bringing out lines and shading that had understated power.

I was just hoping that the misbegotten mutilation of Dawnstar that Keith Giffen and Al Gordon created would be entirely forgotten, along with the rest of "Five Years Later." A few of its characters did inevitably (given the plot) show up in that glorious spread, and it was understandable and dramatic.

I'm just glad that in the printed book, a wingless Dawnstar wasn't one of them. Even one by Pérez and Koblish.

Still, did you ever ink this unused portion of the spread? If so, could you post it?

At 3:59 PM , Blogger Scott Koblish said...

I never understood the wingless Dawnstar either.

I was a big fan of the five years later arc; there were so many starts and stops on that book around then, with all the Superboy stuff going on.

Worst comes to worst, I'd have just grown her wings back. With the old team back, it's good to have the old Legion back to where it's a healthy property again. I love the Legion, I hope it starts to thrive again.

Luckily, what is posted here is the inked version, the lettering nowadays is done on a separate computer overlay and then put together before it's printed.


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