Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Inkwell auctions are now live!

The 2014 JOE SINNOTT Inking Challenge Wave 2 fundraising auctions are now running! We have the Hulk smashing his way through debris in 21 inked/embellished images over the breakdown pencils of legendary Joltin' Joe (plus two extra Black Panther pages that we couldn't get in for Wave 1)! All pages are signed by the artists and Joe himself (who also signed the Amdale Media DVDs on Joe's life and career donated by Robin Dale and signed Sinnott baseball cards donated by Paul Harding). Featuring the all-star talents of ink artists like Jack Purcell, Tom Schloendorn, Dan Parsons Art, Jim Tournas, Gerry Acerno, Mark Stegbauer, Mike Barreiro, Noah Barrett, Josef Rubinstein, JL Jane Straw, Charles Barnett III, Keith Williams, Ken Branch, Scott Koblish, Mark McKenna, Scott Hanna, Bob Almond, Bob Wiacek, Mark Pennington, Mike Pascale Artist-Writer, Tim Estiloz and Neil D Vokes! Also a (non-Sinnott-related) Stormwatch DPS original art donation by Yvel Guichet and Le Beau L. Underwood who offered it! funds raised will be used to bring in award recipients to the live awards ceremony at Heroes Con in June 20-22!


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