Monday, March 26, 2012

The Kickstarter Campaign is chugging along-

Pretty excited about the Kickstarter experience. All of it very new to me, but the interface is pretty cool and easy to use.

Some info about the project: Dana came up with the initial idea, it seemed like an irresistible concept - everybody loves Bacon, right? I think the execution of the whole concept will depend greatly on each artist's vision - and that's where I'm most interested in the idea of the 3 artist's vying for the project. The difference between Ty's and Phil's art styles are pretty broad. The fun in picking an artist by voting seemed too much fun not to try.

i'll post more as the days tick down - right now - go over and vote for which artist you'd like to see drive Bacon home! Every dollar is equal to a vote - and you can pledge as little as a dollar. the interface is very easy, I promise.


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