Friday, November 09, 2007

Bored today

Spent the last 2 hours reading about the United States Presidents from after Jackson to before Lincoln. Fascinating group. Cements my suspicions that George Bush closest resembles McKinnley in his actions and predilections, since I could find few parallels with the former generals and Whigs of the period to our modern occupant. No permanent expansion of territories, no desperate temporary solutions to domsetic factional strife. Hopefully current President won't be attacked by Serbian lunatic. Certainly murdering the President for a fringe politcal reason constitutes the worst terrorst action on American soil, yet neglected somehow. Hopefully we will leave Islamic Radicalism in the dustbin of history with the election of a new president.

Was struck by just how many Presidents in the time periods of the 1840s-50's were "dark-horse" candidates and how frequently presidential candidates were decided late in the nomination process. i feel like we've lost something there and hope that with the Super-Duper Tuesday election on the 5th of February the voting will become split - fast enough to force a floor fight during both conventions. We'll see - I wonder if the candidates are regional enough to force such a split - if Edwards is southern enough, Obama midwestern enough and Richardson southwestern enough to counterbalance Clinton's pan-American position. Certainly Edwards has a shot at sealing Iowa and South Carolina before the 5th of Feb. Richardson has a real shot at Nevada. Will New York and California effectively shut down the primary season if they go for Clinton?


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