Friday, October 05, 2007

Life, and the lack of it-

Been working round the clock on the 2007 Daredevil Annual, after finishing inks on the Marvel Adventures Hulk #6. I'm a little tired. I'm probably going to be finishing up the DD Annual late next week and then I might take a day off. i can't say it's been an easy past 4 years, but they've been productive.

Looks like The Weapon will be printed in a trade paperback early next year. Not sure if Platinum wants to do more books, but I've told them I'm up for it.

The Iron Fist issue I worked on came out - Immortal Iron Fist #9. I pencilled and inked 3 pages off of loose layouts, and did lightbox inks on another 3. It was nice to come back to Iron Fist in some capacity. My career with Marvel at this point has me revisiting some of the characters I've worked on before and it's kind of fun to do that.

There are still some new suprises for me - the Daredevil Annual is the frst time I've worked on Daredevil proper -he showed up in a series of Electra issues I inked over Mike Deodato (some of that work is being sold at Graphic Collectibles), but I don't really count those since I'm guessing that run of Electra has been "Skrulled" out of existence. It's neat to work on Daredevil - I've often wanted to take a shot at that book and do very rugh Klaus-like inks, but the art style doesn't really require that of me. Leo Fernandez does a fine job telling a story without me mukking it up.

it's kind of funny to see how well the major publishing houses hang onto their major characters. When I drew The Weapon, it was a great feeling to be the guy who established a new character. But once I was done with that, it felt weird to go back to the same old established characters that have been kicking around for longer than I have lived on this planet. i love working on the Marvel characters, but it feels like I'd be, at best, a footnote in the history, with The Weapon it felt good to have it start with me.


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