Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well All Right-

Finished the last page of the Weapon.
It felt a little odd during the weekend to be wrapping up something i've been working on for so long, but once I finished the last page an hour ago it felt just kind of nice. 92 pages of story, 4 covers. All done.

On to finishing up the Fantastic Five (part of the little Spider-Girl Universe-That-Could). I'll be done with that early next week and then it'll be onto inking some sort of long-form Daredevil thing. Which I just realized would be my first Daredevil stuff in a Daredevil title. I did a little Daredevil stuff in the Electra book I worked on in the 90's, but it was more of a team-up in her book.

-and I have absolutely no inside knowledge, i post this purely as a fanboy, but i think the FF is working up to revealing that Susan Richards is a skrull. Why else would she just jump back in with Reed, after all that Civil War stuff?


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