Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updating a few things this week: I have a little kickstarter project that I would like to get the word out about. I've done lots of work for Marvel comics with Joe Caramagna and enjoyed every moment of it, so we thought we'd take the fun out on the road, as it were, and do our won Kickstarter project. joe mentioned an idea he had for the further adventures of Wyatt Earp and I thought that was a fun idea, so we've launched a kickstarter to try and get the projec off the ground. you can check it out here - I'll mention it every few days or so, there will be plenty of time for people to pledge and get rewards and things. We've already gotten 3 orders for wyatt Earp sketches, so I'll have to get crackin'! Here's a link to the project - it should be fun, we've had a great first 24 hours. Also - I will be appearing at the Long Beach Comic-Book Convention November 3 and 4th, please stop by and say hello. There will be a great batch of people at the Convention and many special guests. I will have sketchbooks and various pages of original art from my work at Disney drawing the various Marvel Super-Hero staples. The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, et al. Hope you all have a good week - Onward-