Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Marvel Rampage!

I draw these little "Marvel Rampage" drawings for Disney's Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine. This a Spider-Man universe
centric one. Someday, perhaps a few years from now, I'm hoping to have all these collected in one place. Until then - enjoy. A no-prize to the first person to identify all the characters in this one.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jack Kirby Appreciation Day

Jack Kirby's 95th Birthday is coming up. Two things that I'll be involved in - the first will be a quick drawing of a panel for Satisfactory Comic's Blog for their Kirby Appreciation Day. The drill over there is a kirby panel that was burned into your brain from the first time you saw it. I'll post mine here, which is a panel from my first Captain America comic. The second is a warm up sketch for the Hero Initiative that I'll be doing on Tuesday. Info on it, in press release form, here.
The cute little video of it here.