Monday, October 31, 2011

O.M.A.C. #3 is on sale this Wednesday!

The third issue of O.M.A.C is onsale this coming week, Didio, Giffen, Me, HiFi, Lanham, so pick up a copy at your local comic shop, or online!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More from Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine!

Another from MSHM! The Marvel stable of characters are so much fun to draw-

This one is a nice Thor I pencilled and inked and Steve Bucce colored- pick up the magazine at a magazine shop near you (available everywhere except the U.S)!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Characters I designed!

Characters I designed- first up is the White Spider for Marvel Adventures Avengers last year. Created by Paul Tobin, I drew the issue she appeared in, as a nemesis of The Black Widow, so I got to create her look. i wound the legs around her body, and inverted the spider image head down. I initially wanted the cape to be white, so that she was just black and white, but it was changed to purple. I don't mind the change. I made her armbands similar to the Black widows, but just made a little break in the pattern. I think it's important to have the face and body be recognizable in silhouette, and her hairstyle and cape worked to that advantage. I had a lot of fun designing the Deep Water submarine too.

Inks from long ago-

This is another thing I inked long ago- a wraparound cover by Carlos Pacheco! I love his art. When I got a chance to ink over it, I remember not knowing who the Thunderbolts were. I asked for reference and they refused to give me any. so i just did my best with what was there. i think I knew citizen V from something I'd inked before. Well, i certainly knew Ka-Zar and Dr. Strange! A great and fun cover overall!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mo' Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine Stuff!

In addition to doing the covers for Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine, I do numerous interior pages and puzzles for the mag. Here's a fun one - it's a search and identify game of various Marvel characters. I've done two others, a Spider-Man-centric search and a Iron Man-centric search. I've probably drawn close to 200 characters for the 3 search games and barely scratched the surface of Marvels' vast character library. Can you identify all Super-Heroes in the game?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes on sale tomorrow-

On sale tomorrow is Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes! I inked the alternate cover over the great Keith Giffen! - pick up a copy, if you dare!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wonder Woman Day!

Wonder Woman Day is upon us! A charity event for Domestic Violence Charities in Portland, Oregon, Flemington, New Jersey and San Antonio, Texas, I have pencilled and inked an 11"x17" charity piece that will be auctioned off on the 30th of October. More info, and quite a bit of fantastic art that benefits these important charities can be found here.

Thanks for your support!


I send these sketchcards into the world (usually for the Hero Initiative) and they find their homes.

This one was part of a series of ink washes of various takes on Batman. I fall in and out of my understanding of Batman. I think here we were understanding one another.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random sketch-

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Sunfire

This was apparently used for a cover in Germany, but I know when I initially inked it, it wasn't supposed to be a cover. I honestly don't remember why it came across my desk. I'm not even sure who asked me to do it. Joe Mad's stuff is always stellar though, so I jumped at the chance.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Disney stuff!

More stuff from Disney's excellent Marvel Super-Hereos Magazine! This is a Captain America v. Robots! 100% fun!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fun Thor page I inked about 8 years ago...

I've been finding various things on the web that I inked or pencilled and I thought - why not post them here. This is a fun page I inked during Dan jurgens and Scot Eaton's run on Thor. It looks pretty good! Scot Eaton is a great penciller.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

More Disney Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine action!

More from MSH Mag!

This is a shot of Spidey i pencilled and inked. Spidey is rapidly becoming one of my favorite things to draw. I just completed another Spider-Man story for the French market. Incredibly fun experience.

Friday, October 07, 2011

OMAC is not being cancelled-

Here is my response to Rich Johnston's headline and article- I have no idea if it will be scrubbed from his website, so I'm posting it here as well-

First off let me assure fans and retailers especially, because I know a lot of retailers peruse these boards, O.M.A.C is not in any danger of being cancelled. O.M.A.C. is not on the "Chopping Block." There are always various reasons to cancel something and O.M.A.C. does not meet those criteria.

Second, I get it. I really do. Rich just wants to take a shot at Dan and Keith and Brian and Harvey and Travis and Me. I'm not sure what the motive is, maybe it's just fun to take shots at Dan.

Third - sales will likely settle down on all the books, and I'm hoping, in the end that DC's numbers will be healthier than they were last year. A healthy publishing company that is focusing on attracting former and new readers of their material can help to buoy the entire field. i'm hoping that this is the case, and I have personally met many new fans and lapsed fans at signings for O.M.A.C at my local comic shop. I hope they stick around an enjoy the book: From the two kids under 10 whose eyes lit up when i drew them a sketch, the 30 year old guy who had never bought a comic before and wanted to know if he could just pick up O.M.A.C. without reading the character before (you can, we've worked very hard to make this a good jumping on point), the guy who fondly remembered Jack Kirby's original series when he was a little boy, to the guy who absolutely LOVED John Byrne's take on the character (as did I). I'm hoping these people will stick around and enjoy the ride we've got planned for them. I know I desperately want them to enjoy the book, and we've all been working extra hard to make this a rewarding experience, something that will keep everyone intrigued, opens new questions gives a ton of action and keeps fans wanting to come back for more.

O.M.A.C did very well this past month. Orders and re-orders are really very good for the next few months. We are hoping that any folks who enjoyed it will turn their friends on to the book. The book is in no danger of being cancelled, and Dan and Keith have it plotted out past issue 16. I just want folks to rest easy knowing that a book they enjoy is in a really good place right now and don't feel nervous about it. Things are good. Really.

Fourth, I was not prepared for the sheer inventiveness of the headline, or this article. I was certainly not prepared for Rich to create rumors where there previously were none. Further, I am baffled at the reason to invent any. It's very hard for me to figure out how to respond to this fiction. By creating a rumor whole cloth, I feel like it's going to be impossible for me to address this to the satisfaction of the people who have read his title and article. Also, they may not even get this far in the comments thread.

Fifth - i think that Rich's headline, in addition to being fiction, is irresponsible. And I hope that his article does not pre-emptively reduce sales on our book. I noticed in the comments section that quite a few people who posted that they loved our book and were sad to give it up and sorry to see it go. It's not going anywhere. The book is not cancelled. It is frustrating in the extreme for me to think that, for everyone who reads my comment here, there will be hundreds who will just read Rich's headline and article and never get to this response, and perhaps give up pre-emptively on our book. That's infuriating to me. I've never been in a situation where a lie was told about something I worked on that could hurt the success of my book. I don't even know how to respond. The book sold well, it continues to sell well, it's had good response, and there has been positive word of mouth - our book is a fun book that has a lot to it, for people of all ages to enjoy.

My line of recourse would surely not include responding to Rich's ridiculous headline with news that I overheard the other day: I heard that Bleeding Cool is in danger of shutting down it's site because Rich can't pay his employees. I certainly can't prove it, i just heard it the other day from a buddy of mine, an unnamed source. It's just a rumor, but you know, we all know his site doesn't attract nearly as many page views as Comic Book Resources. I haven't looked into it whether this supposition on my part is true or not, I guess I could call around, but it's more fun to just post it as a rumor, right? I guess only time will tell.

But, see, even writing that has made me feel dirty and vile. Perhaps Rich is used to thinking this way. But I'm not.

O.M.A.C. is not "on the chopping block"

Rich Johnston has decided that rather than doing any reporting, he will make shit up randomly to fill headline space. I leave it up to you to wonder in the future if he is making up other things off the top of his head or if he is actually writing anything that is true. I doubt he even knows the difference at this point.

It's fun to invent things, isn't it?

a nice cover I found from the past-

a fun cover from X-Men/Star Trek (or Star Trek/X-Men, I can never remember which). I believe it was for the Marvel Visionaires magazine. I just inked an alternate cover to Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, which comes out this month. Pick up a copy if you can!

Recent sketches

I've been out and about in the comic shops recently and doing sketches for folks. The Dawnstar was done for Rick at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach and the O.M.A.C. for Richard at the Golden Apple comic book store, the later signed by writer and co-publisher Dan Didio, who I've found to be a very nice, thoughtful and engaging fellow with a great attitude about growing as an artist. Recently, I'm enjoying sketching, and store appearances are a surprisingly relaxing event for me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

O.M.A.C. Preview of issue #2!

A little preview of O.M.A.C. -

All the books that are coming out tomorrow can be seen with preview art here

More from Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine!

A nice drawing I pencilled and inked of Kitty Pryde for Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine, colored by the outstanding Steve Buccellato! - If you are in Europe, Asia, Africa or South and North America, pick up a copy and enjoy!

O.M.A.C. #2 comes out Tomorrow! OMACTIVATE!

A few O.M.A.C. notes!
Issue #2 comes out tomorrow, October 5th - be sure to pick up a copy when you visit your local Comic Book Shoppe!
Issue #1, which is sold out in nearly every store I've been at this month, is available on October 5th for just $1.99! If you missed the book for whatever reason, it's even easier to pick up.

As Brother Eye would say - "OMACTIVATE!"

Thanks for the support!