Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Burger King Thor comic!

There is a fun Burger King Thor comic that I pencilled and inked that is available in preparation for the Thor movie that opens this Friday. A little coverage about the book can be found here. Ig gets all the glory, I have no control over the press release, but I would have only gotten 1/4th of the glory anyway. He's a really solid artist and a great guy, so I don't mind. It'll be our secret. That's more fun, isn't it? What is life without secrets?!

And speaking of exciting secrets: I can't show you any art here on the blog, and you can't view any of the art without going to a Burger King store first, asking for and getting the specific Thor BK Toy insert with a unique 10-digit code, and hoping it gives you access to the issue I drew, which was the 2nd issue in the series of 4, but once you do, it's your secret alone! This special offer is available for the next 6 weeks. Take that Patton Oswalt! Doing the hard work of finding the secret things that only you get to see still exists. Your Otaku must be strong for you to read this comic! Good luck!