Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson passed away today.

He was 50. I didn't realize he was so young when "Off the Wall" and "Thriller' came out.

I met him 9 years ago at Stan Lee Media. I saw him, thin and pacing back and forth in Peter Paul's office, looking at some of the photos on the wall of Stan hobnobbing with various celebrities and American Presidents and then met him later as he was taking the tour though the offices. He was nearly bouncing off the walls when he was in Peter's office, but I was used to that, since Stan had a lot of energy, and in the context of the company at the time, it didn't seem so peculiar. Michael seemed nice, interested in what we were doing, but without the questions proper to further the conversation.

Not much to it, a lot of people were always passing through SLM. i'd heard that the time that he was planning on investing in the company, but years later, it became apparent that his finances might've been too shaky for him to have been an investor. It's too bad, he and Stan seemed to have had a good relationship, and any extra funding would have been appreciated at the time, although, "ifs" and "shoulda beens" are all gone now.


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