Sunday, June 22, 2008

So - an athiest walks into St. Johns- (insert joke here)

I find it odd that, as an athiest, he didn't go to UCLA.

Other black Presidents

The other six Presidents of african descent.

A few years ago I had a girlfriend who got me interested in the concept of people who "passed" as white - around the time that I read Philip Roth's book about passing - the movie character was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, which i think, purely as a casting move, was breathtaking in it's evasion -the point of the book was about the toll it takes on a man's soul passing for white in a racist world.

Nearly everyone I talk to seems to have some sort of short-circuit about Barack Obama's heritage, which I suppose is only natural, since miscegenation was outlawed in the last of 17 states the year before I was born. I don't know if everyone completely understands that there is very little, if no, unmixed blood within the descendants of slavery in America. I don't know if an America used to living inside of it's shell can come to grips with the complex realities of the 21st Century, but after the last 8 years I think it's time we tried.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bottom feeders on the loose!

In a remarkable turn of events, there are internet rumor-mongers (another thing that can mongered, along with fish...) who feel certain that they will get a major scoop about possible personnel changes at - get this, this is the funny part - a comic convention. LOL. Oh, when will the internet learn?

The Fist!

Whoop - nearly forgot about the trade paperback in which I had a small part The Immortal Iron Fist Vol.2, is currently available for purchase at the finer LCS's (Local Comic Shoppe) near you.
It's a great read - I pencilled and inked 6 pages of it, from someone else's layouts, so there's not a lot of me there, but enough for me to rejoice!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Mandingo Project

The Mandingo Project - an absolute must read by Steve Bunche - a fearless, eye-opening masterpiece of study. I first read it-around 3 years ago, it is a brutal read, and not for the squeamish- it's now collected all in one place.

I love me some Kirby, but there is one weakness-

Ok - I love Kirby. Love love love the man's art, but he couldn't draw Spider-Man to save his life. Why is that? I've always thought it might be the result of some sort of personal jealousy or anger toward the other creations that Stan worked on without Jack's input, but I feel like I'm really out on a limb with that theory, psychoanalyzing a guy I barely know - who am I Mark Evanier? No. But there's just no effort made here to make him look anything like what he should look like - the webs are all wrong, any sense of the lithe teenage loser is gone. I dunno.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

While reading this, thought that

"EW’s Bernardin says under-estimating Watchmen as just a cult book is a mistake.

'...Let’s not forget, Watchmen has sold millions of copies, and it’s widely respected as one of the 20th century’s great books. By and large, the people who’ve only ever read one graphic novel — Watchmen was the one. So there’s a pretty large installed base there.'”

I know I bought 3 different versions of that series - the original monthly series, a first trade paperback 10 years later and the Absolute edition (I lost the trade, hey - I moved 13 times in 14 years). I know I'm not unusual - couldn't the "Millions" of readers really be 3 times less that amount?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who will Win!?! WHO!?

Who will Win!?! WHO!?

The world will be on fire without the prompt release of the clear democratic results!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pretty happy today-

I cannot begin to tell you how happy this Legion of 3 Worlds project makes me when I get to sit with it for a few days and absolutely marvel at what Geoff and George have done with this book. It's the Legion I remember from my youth, with the great addition of all the best of the new Legion stuff from the past 20 years. Just a great project, and really has got me deeply inspired. Everyone has a really deep understanding of the Legion and it's environs and George has done wonders with the design and commitment to establishing every individual character with their own sense of person.

Blah blah. Back to work-

Monday, June 02, 2008

Exhausted -

Was up before dawn this morning, nearly done with American Dream - really pretty proud of how it looks - it's a great book - Todd really knocked himself out. After that wraps up in the next day or so it's back to Lo3W... the first issue comes out in about 70 days.
Sad news about Hero by Night not continuing. Nothing lasts forever, but it was one of the genuine bright spots at Platinum. I had a lot of support from them while doing The Weapon, so nothing but positive vibes from me.