Sunday, January 20, 2008


Things've been very busy around here as I've been starting to tackle the beginnings of 4 different major projects. So far so good as far as the scheduling, and I've been happy with the results of each. Can't mention any of them right now, unfortunately, and each one gets announced at different times all year long. Two get announced in February, one announced in late March or mid April, another not until the end of July. Still, maybe i can post something about one of them in a few weeks...

A very mystifying primary season. Why has the mainstream press announced McCain as the frontrunner when Romney leads him in delegates by 2 to 1? Weird. and i would have thought that Guiliani would have tried to engage the process before 1/7th of the States had already chosen their candidate. He's ben beaten by ron Paul in 2 states already.