Wednesday, December 26, 2007


As I clear out my studio and get stuff ready for the next wave of work to come, I ran across the LIST.

Which is a list, in no particular order of pencillers I've inked over. I haven't updated it for a few years, so as I think of people, I'll try and add them. A few were for the licensing department at Marvel, a few covers, and a few are me jumping in for a page or five on various comic books, but most of them represent at least an issue, sometimes as many as 15 of my inking over their work, with various degrees of success...

Mike Zeck, Joe Maduriera, Alitha Martinez, Steve Scroce, Terry Shoemaker, Patric Zircher
Angel Medina, Adam Polina, Anthony Williams, Val Semeiks
Tom Grummett
Dale Eaglesham
Walter McDaniel
John Calimes
Fabio Laguna, Rick Leonardi, Roger Cruz ,Luke Ross
George Perez
Joe Cooper, Ron Garney, Allen Im, Ladronn
Dave Hoover, Carlos Pacheco
Raphael Kayanan
John Royle, Steve Pugh, Steve Epting, Ashley Wood, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Mike Deodato
Casey Jones, Rob Stotz, Pete woods, Salvadore LaRocca, Melvin rubi, Ron lim, Pop Mahn, Manny Galan
Phil Gosier, Yancy LaBat
Darren Auck, Javier Pulido
Paris Cullins
Jackson Guice, Joe St. Pierre, Guy Dorian, Pat Olliffe
Fred Haynes
Freddy Mendez
Chris Marrinan
Sergio Cariello
Dave Tata, Robert Walker, Garry Black
Michael Golden
Bernard Chang
John Hixton, John Bridges, Stephen Platt, Tom Morgan, Hugh Haynes
Elman (the L-Man) Brown
Joe Bennett, Simon Coleby, Bill Wyman, Anthony williams
Ernie Stiner
James Fry
Kelly Krantz
Cary Nord, Norm Breyfogle, Neil Vokes
Lenil Francis Yu
Greg Luznizk, Ted Halstead
Josh Hood
Michael Zulli, Jason Armstrong, Mike Miller, Jeff Matsuda, J.J. Kirby, Lee Moder, Anthony Castrillo, Gregg Shiegel, Jan Duursema, Chris Sprouse, John Romita Sr., Grindberg, Joe Quesada, Art Adams, Todd Nauck, Andy Kubert, Gary Frank, Mike McKone, Jeff Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Brandon Peterson


Tim Smith 3rd, Bruce Fein, Phil Ortiz, Mark Bagley, Adam Dekraken, Graham Nolan, Stuart Immonen, Chris Cross, Shawn McManus, Armando Gil, Ruben Martinez, Anthony Wynn, Paula LaFond, Leo Duranona, Barry Kitson, Staz Johnson, James Cordiero, Manuel Garcia, Darick Robinson, Andrea Divito, Leo Fernandez, Scott Shaw!, Mario gully, Scott Eaton, Lewis LaRosa

I'm sure I've forgotten a few folks, and I'll try and add them as I remember them...
I've only been inked over by two people, other than myself -
Will Eisner
and Al Milgrom.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas-

The Around Comics Podcast gang did a great version of Dicken's Christmas Carol check it out if you get the time -

Have a happy Roman pagan holiday of winter rebirth converted to the Catholic Church's holiday of a messianic birth that was originally in spring, mixed with all sorts of Germanic, Nordic and British traditions and Coca Cola's color scheme!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Some good workstuff going on recently. I think 2008 will be a great year, and I owe it all to 2007.

The trade for The Weapon will be out in the next few months - I'd love to have a nice collection of that on my bookshelf.

The Brave and Bold trade hardback is out and it looks just stellar. Bob Wiacek did a great job and I was really happy to have helped out with the sixth chapter, and a little relieved that my work held up against the rest of it.
I'm continuing work this week over George on Brave and Bold #10. Gentleman Bob Wiacek has leapt onto the 11th issue, inking over Jerry Ordway's amazing pencils. Definitely a great book. I think the 9th issue comes out this week- a bit of a jam issue between me, Bob and George on inks, I'm curious to see the differences. Bob did the opening sequence of the Challengers of the Unknown, and I got to have a lot of fun on the Blackhawks, Metal Men and Hawkman/Atom stuff, with George wrapping up the last 2 pages - a lot of fun!

I'm inking over the incredibly talented Todd Nauck on a unnamed book set for summer release, we're about halfway through the first issue, with plenty of time to tackle the book in a nice pace. He's doing a stellar job - I think it's a hit just waiting to happen.

Just got the script for Fred Van Lente on our new ultra secret project.
And I might have a lead on doing 2 new projects with two of my biggest heroes of comics in the new year.
For the first time in, well, in EVER, I know what I'll be doing 6 months from now and I'm tickled pink about everything!

The Christmas Card!

I haven't any idea if I'll even be able to get this one out before the end of the year, much less the end of tomorrow, so I'll just post it here- lots of stuff going on here, mostly christmas stuff - we/I got a tree for the first time since the 90's, I think, and it looks very nice in the corner of the front room. I've forgotten how pleasant it is to sit in a room at night with just the christmas lights on and the tree shining a warm glow over everything. Very peaceful.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Perpetuum Mobile

I've become momentarily obsessed with Perpetuum Mobiles. I started with this one and have moved on to what I think maybe the greatest one, which is Roland Pontinen's encore of Piano Sonata No. 1 in C Major, Op. 24. Look for it on itunes, it's just an amazing display of virtuosity - such absolute grace.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where he stole them from-

I still can't get over the fact that this thief is a millionaire and the people he stole from are hitting up the Hero Initiative for help.
It's just a lucky thing for that asshole that a confluence of the companies owning the copyright to the works and not the artists and an illiterate judge saved his ass from being exposed. I've known lots of people who never knew he stole his way to fame. The filthy concept of High Art/Low Art saves another crude jackass.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Just wanted to draw Spider-Man.