Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Pets Info

This past week I finished a 7 page Jet Pack Pets story that will be in the winter edition of the Disney Adventures Magazine, it involves Jack Flast and The Pets in a stark battle of wills; intelect vs. machine. My money's on the Pets, but I'm sure Jack Flash will give them a hard time.

i'm never sure of when or how to plug the work I'm doing for other companies (such as Marvel), since they always seem to have their own plans for marketing their wares. I'm not sure if it's prudent to wait until the book is out, or to drum up a little bit of interest when the book is solicited? Well anyway I'm inking the Avenger's Next book, written by Tom DeFalco and pencilled by Ron Lim. everyone is doing a bang up job and I can't wait from issue to issue to read Tom's plots or see Ron's pencils in the Fed Ex... We've also got some great covers provided by the inestimable Mike Wieringo - the first of which I'll try and drop in below-

The Avenger's next book is a lot of fun, there are a lot of plot twists and turns and a lot of really neat guest-stars and new cast members, so pick up a copy when you get a chance in November. The book is scheduled to come out twice a month in November and December, so the story'll zip on past you if you're not careful...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

sketch O' the Day 3

Just a sketch today after a long absence. Was with Violet all day (she's got a cough, so no "schoolie" today). Luckily, this morning I finished up the last page for issue 2 of Avengers-Next (more about that project when I get around to mentioning it, I guess). Finished the Jet Pack Pets on Tuesday (a 7 pager!). The ad agency job in August/September was great and I'd love to do more - so here's hoping. Anyway - more tomorrow, most likely.